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On the frigid, blustery night of December 16th, 1835, the worst fire in New York city history swept through Manhattan. Everything south of Maiden Lane and east of Broad street—at that time the city’s chief merchant district—was turned to rubble. The fire caused an estimated $20 Million in property damage. It’s the equivalent to a half-billion dollars today.

The official investigation found that the fire was caused by an exploded gas pipe, which was ignited by a coal stove. No public blame was assigned. But what if New York’s greatest accidental fire was no accident?

Coming in 2019 to your favorite podcast app: Burning Gotham—a new audio drama about the fastest growing city in the world, and the opportunists who shaped it. Stay tuned for trailers, soundscapes, and more information in the coming weeks.


Available through the same Breaking Walls podcast feed, an original audio drama: A Man Named Marlowe.

Los Angeles, 1935—The heart of the great depression, with glitz and glamour right next door to misery and suffering. It’s the kind of world where those with money don’t want to share it and those without it have no idea how to get it. It’s the kind of world where Philip Marlowe will take a case he’ll regret, but will he get to live with them?

Author Raymond Chandler set The Big Sleep, the first of his novels involving famous private detective Philip Marlowe in (then) present-day 1936, but who was Marlowe before The Big Sleep? In A Man Named Marlowe, we’ll find out.

It’s a story with an empowered woman, heinous crimes, back room deals, gruesome murders, hundreds of thousands of dollars of gold, and two long-dead ghosts that teach us heroes can live forever.

Each show is available in the same feed as Breaking Walls, therefore if you subscribe to one show, you’re subscribed to both. You can subscribe below, listen here, or search for A Man Named Marlowe by searching for Breaking Walls wherever you get your podcasts.


I launched Breaking Walls in 2014 with a scalable and linear concept: sit-down conversations with luminaries, centered around helpful topics, all laddering up to a monthly theme.

The show next expanded to include on-the-scene reporting at places like The American Museum of Natural History, The Maggie Flanigan Acting Studio, and Industry City.

Eventually I began to produce mini-documentaries about people, programs, and moments during the Golden Age of Radio. For a time, I was producing all of these kinds of shows concurrently, but the listening audience kept asking for more audio documentaries on the history of radio. I decided to move Breaking Walls solely in this direction.

Today Breaking Walls is a once-per-month audio documentary on the history of American Radio Broadcasting, focusing on people, places, and events.

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