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Breaking Walls EP10: How to Create & Sustain A Eureka Moment — Animator Javan Ivey

In Episode 10 of Breaking Walls, we sit down with Portland, Oregon-based stop-motion animator Javan Ivey for a conversation about how to find and sustain a eureka breakthrough. In 2007 Javan invented a form of stop-motion animation he called The Strata-stencil Method in My Paper Mind. We talk about what it was like to invent something and how we can make sure we don’t negatively judge future accomplishments against past ones.


Wallbreaker Weekly Challenge: Finding Your Foundation

One of the most important books I read last year was called “Body Of Work” by Pamela Slim. In this book she describes how she discovered what it is was that tied her life and her career into a cohesive, powerful thread. Everyone has a foundation in which their passions, skills, and experience intersect to form meaningful work — the trick is to find and discover what those traits are and in which areas they can best contribute. Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it is to unravel your thread by recording a video of what is important to you, what impact do you want to leave behind, what are your strengths, what drives you to act, and what would you like to accomplish this year. By sharing this, we can do so much more together. Tell us your story!

Hell yeah! Let’s do this.
March 3, 2015

Serendipity is real. The reality of serendipity and how it relates to my own life is something I’ve given a lot of

March 2015 Theme: Serendipity
February 28, 2015

This month’s major event is St. Paddy’s Day. What’s at the heart of St. Patrick’s day? Some might say the

February 18, 2015

Photographic evidence that I liked dark, spooky, witchy stuff way before I even knew it was a thing. Hi all!

February 15, 2015

In Episode 9 of Breaking Walls we sit down with animator and IOS developer Spencer Johnson. Spencer is part of

February 3, 2015

Recently, when thinking about speaking at open mic events, a realization came to me: I’ve never followed a script. Whenever I’ve

February 3, 2015

I get in at my stop, ride for 1 hour (1.5 hours if it’s raining), and get to work. In