Breaking Walls EP20: How to Thrive as an Indie Artist—Indy Guitar Pop Band Late Cambrian


In episode 20 of Breaking Walls, we ring in August, the month of Harvest, with an interview with Olive Hui and John Wlaysewski of Brooklyn Indie Guitar Pop band Late Cambrian. This conversation covers how John and Olive approach their non 9-5 lives while being able to produce the kind of music and art they want to. It’s a good look into the lives of two people thriving while being “indie” in New York City.

Weekly Challenge: Write Down All The Skills You Have

Harvest season is upon us. One way we can gain more confidence is by taking the time to sit and write down all the skills we possess. Doing this also shows us all the different ways we can connect these skills to make financial gains and satiate our passions. Write down yours this week. We’d love to see them!



Hell yeah! Let’s do this.
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I’ve been trying to wrap my head around both of this month’s topics. Independence and revolution are not mutually exclusive. Revolutions