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BW – EP35- Musician Samantha Leon—Ways To Use Vulnerability To Grow Creatively & Emotionally


In episode 35 of Breaking Walls we sit down with art director and musician Samantha Leon for a conversation about how she’s used her own vulnerability to grow creatively and emotionally. This is a great conversation that centers around tips Sam uses to be more confident and to trust herself that we can all instill in our lives.   Highlights: • What it was like growing up just north of New York City in Yonkers,

JAMES' OP-ED / February 1, 2016

February 2016 Theme: Vulnerability

This month’s major event is Valentine’s Day. What’s at the heart of Valentine’s day? Some might say love, but we at The WallBreakers say vulnerability. Why? Because you can’t love anything in life without allowing yourself to be vulnerable. That’s why this month all of our content will focus on ways to be comfortable with being vulnerable in life. It’s essential to inner peace and happiness.


Welcome to February here on The WallBreakers! (more…)

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February 1, 2016

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It’s important, now that the holiday coma is over, to remember that it’s time to begin anew. We’ve all been