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60 Iconic Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Covers


Much ink has been spilled here on The WallBreakers about Norman Rockwell. I’ve always felt that Rockwell beautifully captured an idealistic version of Americana in his paintings. We could absolutely argue that because he wasn’t allowed to paint African Americans until his later years his version of Americana is mostly skewed, but we have to remember though, that Rockwell was being commissioned. The Saturday Evening Post was the institution hiring him, which would not allow non-white Americans to be depicted in their art unless they

Weekly Challenge: Write Down All The Skills You Have

Harvest season is upon us. One way we can gain more confidence is by taking the time to sit and write down all the skills we possess. Doing this also shows us all the different ways we can connect these skills to make financial gains and satiate our passions. Write down yours this week. We’d love to see them!



Hell yeah! Let’s do this.
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