Hysterical Vines from Vine Superstar Stephanie Barkley

Stephanie Barkley is multi-talented. Whether it’s set designfine arts, or comedy, this renaissance woman is sure to be in the thick of something creative. She makes humorous vines in her spare time. You may have seen some of them as Stephanie’s got over 118,000 Vine followers. Trying to curate a selection of her Vines for this article was almost impossible because so many of them are so good! Luckily, Vines are only six seconds long, so if you give Stephanie just two minutes of your time, she’ll practically give you the world! Take a look at some of the hysterical shorts Stephanie’s created that would have Valerie Harper and Carol Burnett beaming with joy.

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Swingin’ New York City: A 1939 Documentary

Take a trip back in time through the streets of old New York in 1939. This 16mm film show major spots such as the Statue of Liberty, The Hudson River, Chelsea Piers, Rockefeller Center, The Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, and more. Combined with the sound of the swing era, the clip gives an entertaining and vivid impression of the atmosphere in the Big Apple.


In my wildest dreams, I’d love to be able to go back in time and live and entire month in each decade of the 20th century in New York City. Of course, since this is my fantasy, I’d also have enough money to get around the city and do as I please. What was New York City like in 1939? I’d guess that, for the most part, it was a lot like New York of today. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to visit old Penn Station? Wouldn’t it be great to catch a ballgame at The Polo Grounds or Ebbets Field? Or to grab a drink at Toot Shor’s? We can’t go back in time (yet), but luckily we can watch this wonderful footage. Take a look! The credits are after the jump. Read More

The Wall Breakers Shop Is Now Open For Business!

The Wall Breakers Shop Is Now Open For Business!

We are proud to say that The Wall Breakers shop is now open for business!


We’ve been wanting to launch a site store for some time, but wanted to make sure we did it right. We care about what you think and want you to know that this store isn’t just a store. It’s part of the engine that’s going to keep this community off the ground! You can access the store by clicking the “shop” tab in the top navigation. You’ll notice that once you do, you’ll be redirected to www.TheWallBreakers.BigCartel.com. We won’t be hosting the shop on our own site at the beginning. Big Cartel is a great service that offers customizable templates and an easy checkout process.  


Browse the store by using the product section within the left navigation rail. All of the art we’re selling is unique to The Wall Breakers Shop, completely original, or part of a very limited series. We won’t be shipping anything until June 1st. This is so we can take the time to gather orders, see which art you like more than others, and get feedback from all you wall breakers out there. All purchases can be made directly through our shop site by using the Paypal system in the checkout area. If you have specific questions or comments, please use the contact form within the left rail, or contact us directly at Submit@TheWallBreakers.com.


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