Breaking Walls EP11: Making Your Passions Known To Unleash Serendipity — Creative Director Monica Lo

In Episode 11 of Breaking Walls we sit down with San Francisco-based creative director Monica Lo for a conversation about how having the guts to be vulnerable in life, coupled with a willingness to cultivate her passions, has led Monica to her dream job. Monica is a creative director at Nomiku, makers of the world’s most powerful and compact sous vide immersion circulator, and she got the job through Instagram. Yup, Instagram!

Reconnect With an Old Friend

One thing I’ve noticed about serendipity is that we can create its onset with simple hellos and shared connections. If you passed me on the street and we stopped and said hello, we’d both leave the encounter feeling good. Those shared human connections elevate our own lives, even when they’re only momentary.

Last night I had dinner with someone whom I used to be on poor terms with. When I knew her last I was emotionally immature and hurt her because I was feeling hurt myself at the time, which made me afraid to be vulnerable. The first step to repairing these things is to admit where our own fault lies, while at the same time making allowances for our own emotional state at the time. There’s no point in beating ourselves up over out past actions. All that does is bring the past into the present in a negative way. The next step is to reconnect with honesty. What’s better, black holes or positive relationships? No one wants vapid, black holes in their lives. Her and I had a wonderful dinner with great conversation. Today is better than yesterday, and yesterday was pretty damn great. This week’s WallBreaker challenge is to reconnect with an old friend. Go on, do it. You know you miss them.


Love ya!


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