Breaking Walls EP14: The Big Appointment

In Episode 14 of Breaking Walls, we switch up the format a bit for a tale in WallBreaking history about a world famous 20th century writer, and what we should always remember.

Throw a Spring Event With Friends and Acquaintances

This might sound like a silly WallBreaker Weekly Challenge, but it’s not. Socialization is such an important part of what makes people people. Not only that, the more we socialize with people we know and like, the better we feel about ourselves. Part of feeling growth’s benefits is being willing to appreciate who is in your life. Pick a large enough location to allow friends and acquaintances to mingle and form new connections. We guarantee you’ll wake up the next day happy you did it.


P.S. The WallBreakers take no responsibility for your next-day hangover :D.

Hell yeah! Let’s do this.
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