Whimsical, Clever, Retro Illustrations From Lucy Irving

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Lucy Irving is a Brighton-UK, based illustrator who’s work often harkens back to the poster designs and illustrations of the 1950s and early 1960s. As she tells us, “My work is heavily influenced by 1950’s/60’s cartoons, graphic-design and poster design, and is often ambiguous and paradoxical, with a splash of the ironic and the absurd. I use bold colors, characters and messages to create images that comment on the world we live in.” We really enjoyed Lucy’s work. She successfully combines witty humor, with graphic treatments that stand out in a crowd, yet are deeply layered with visual optical illusions. If you’re in Brighton and looking to hire an illustrator, be sure to look Lucy up! You can contact her through her Twitter and Facebook pages.


Lucy_Irving_1 Lucy_Irving_2 Lucy_Irving_3 Lucy_Irving_4 Lucy_Irving_5 Lucy_Irving_6 Lucy_Irving_7 Lucy_Irving_8 Lucy_Irving_9



  • Dori DeCamillis

    Love this work.