What’s the Significance of the Harvest Season?

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By definition, a harvest, in relation to farming, is the process of gathering mature crops from the fields. It’s also where the term “reap” comes from. To reap is to cut the grain from the harvest, and it’s also where the line “we reap what we sow” comes from. The harvest season marks the period between summer and autumn. All of us eventually reach a point where we’re ready to harvest our own abilities into something larger than ourselves. Going through a period of this kind of growth tends to be difficult. Yet, on the other side of the difficulty is a time in which we’re comfortable in our own skin. Learning to positively reap what we sow is a great thing. Autumn is a time for family and feasts. It’s also a time for us to enjoy the talents we’ve cultivated amongst people we respect and care about. I don’t think it’s insignificant that in the United States of America school starts at the beginning of Autumn. It’s a time to begin anew with new growth having been cultivated. Have you ever noticed how many of us who rent apartments have leases that begin around this time of the year? If we signed our first leas shortly before starting a semester of college, and because leases are generally last a year, we keep ourselves in the same cycle. The harvest season is directly tied to human evolution and growth.


I know I’m ready to grow into something new whenever I’ve had feelings of restlessness stay with me for a long period of time. If you’re currently feeling this way don’t ignore it. The best way for us to continue to grow is to look at what’s causing our restlessness and change it for the better. Tangibly it could be a job or a relationship we’re currently in that’s causing this feeling, but at its core it’s almost always about making ourselves vulnerable and accepting that change is necessary. Sometimes we just have to jump into the deep end of the pool and teach ourselves to swim. Changing for the better doesn’t also necessarily mean abandoning who we were. So much growth is tied to communication with ourselves and with the outside world. When we ignore how we feel because we’re afraid to address it, we invite insecurity and stagnation into our lives. We’ve all been there and we’ve also all also made changes for the better. I’m starting to realize that being happy is very simple, but it does take a lot of courage and even more self-love.

What a perfect time of the year to get together with friends and enjoy the fruits of our labor! Welcome to harvest season.


Hero image courtesy of Laura Monaco.