Vintage Black and White Halloween Pinups of Celebrities

Just in time for Halloween, these gorgeous Black and White pinups are sure to put you in the mood for spooky stories, candy corn, and ouija boards. Take a look!



Dusty Anderson (still alive and kicking at 94!)



Nancy Carroll



Pat Priest from “The Munsters”



Veronica Lake




Virginia Welles




Yvonne De Carlo of “The Munsters” wearing spiderweb lingerie



Betty Grable



[Photos courtesy of The Selvedge Yard]


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  • epobirs

    I’m calling shenanigans on the Yvonne De Carlo image. Looks great but no way that is real. She was already 42 when she started playing Lily Munster. And try to imagine if that photo made the rounds in 1964. Even today that would be a pretty wild item for the matriarch of a prime time family show.

    • andycanuck

      According to Bing Image she did do some relatively risque shoots but that does look Photoshopped from the dark areas around her shoulders to match the tint of her face and there’s the white line around the necklace. So I think you’re correct, epobirs.

      • epobirs

        Also, if you magnify the image, there is a lot of artifacting around the necklace and the web costume. I suspect the original image was of a much more recent nude woman with the costume drawn on and the necklace used as the join for putting de Carlo’s head on that body.

  • Jeff Southall