Tim Roth: Portraits

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Gorgeous portraits shot by Pacific Northwest photographer Tim Roth on 35MM.

“This is a new arena for me. I recently made a collection of black and white portraits of local (to Portland, OR) makers juxtaposed with their three most often used tools. A way to connect with the person and also see the things they hold in their hands for hours on end every workday. These portraits are evidence that with a camera, a willing model, an hour of natural light, and a good stylist, anyone (including myself) can produce beautiful results. I would like to note that I think using film adds a degree of depth to the image that just does not exist with digital cameras. I plan to do more portraiture, and am especially curious about providing portrait services to twenty-somethings who would like better photographs fo r their social networking and/or dating profile pages. I really want to make my services accesible to my peers”. – Tim