The Spencer Collection by Design Unsanctioned: Brass & Walnut EDC Made in Brooklyn

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The Spencer Collection is Design Unsanctioned‘s way to pay tribute to Brooklyn’s dynamic and colorful past and present. Design Unsanctioned is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary design studio launched with a goal of producing well-designed, locally-crafted high quality products. It was started by industrial designer Konrad Giersz, a Polish transplant who moved to the United States ten years ago, and Brittany Dolence, an Ohio native art director and Brooklyn transplant. Through their designs they set to explore collisions between traditional materials, craftsmanship, functionality and progressive, modern technology.


In The Spencer Collection, Brooklyn’s rich industrial heritage is represented by simple and purpose-oriented design. The beauty and elegance of Brooklyn’s historical residential neighborhoods guided the selection of materials. Whats in the complete Spencer Collection? A bottle opener, key hook, mini bottle opener, and a leather key fob. Design Unsanctioned had this to say about their collection: ” The inspiration for the Spencer Collection came from our surroundings. We have lived in Brooklyn for a decade now and have always found this place very inspiring. Walnut and brass architectural details such as hand railing, street lights, doors, and window shutters are such a huge part of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods like Fort Greene or Boerum Hill. These historical elements affected our selection of materials. At the same time we wanted each piece of the collection to have a feel for the fresh character of the new and transforming Brooklyn. We chose to juxtapose classic materials with minimal, asymmetrical modern lines. Each of the materials making up Spencer Collection carries an inherent variation in color and texture making every piece unique. Over time they will develop rich, burnished patina giving them even more character.”


Like what you’re hearing? Be sure to check out Design Unsanctioned’s Kickstarter page where they’re raising for the launch of this collection. They’re offering great prizes for nominal donations. Funding will be accepted until June 12, 2014! See images of the collection as well as work-in-progress shots below.


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