Gorgeous High-Fashion Noir Photography Shot on The Street of Venice

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Carlo and Fabiana Nicora are a London-based, Italian duo that loves to focus on fashion, editorial, and lingerie through their photography. As they tell it, when they moved to London in 2006 they “fell in love with telling a story through images and then moved to the glittery world of fashion. We like unconventional photography. We see the clichés and we like to twist them. We love what is close to excess. Looking at our images, the worst reaction we can get is no reaction at all: love us or hate us, either way is fine by us.”


Take a look at this noir fashion photo series they shot in Venice. The results are beautiful!


Chiaroscuro_2 Chiaroscuro_3 Chiaroscuro_4 Chiaroscuro_5 Chiaroscuro_6 Chiaroscuro_7 Chiaroscuro_8 Chiaroscuro_9 Chiaroscuro_10 Chiaroscuro_11 Chiaroscuro_12