The Many Faces of the Pro Wrestler known as: Sting

Steve Borden, alias Sting, has been one of the most “over” (pro wrestling’s term for someone who generates a vociferous fan reaction) professional wrestlers for the past twenty-five years. Did you know that Sting got his start in pro wrestling as a member of a “heel” (pro wrestling’s term for a bad guy) tag team, known as The Blade Runners, with The Ultimate Warrior? That’s where they both began painting their faces for matches. Through the years as Sting’s character evolved, his face paint evolved with him. Check out the many different incarnations of Sting.


Sting_1 Sting_2 Sting_3 Sting_4 Sting_5 Sting_6 Sting_7 Sting_8 Sting_9 Sting_10

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