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We couldn’t have relaunched The WallBreakers without your wonderful support. Words don’t properly do justice the feeling that we have for your kindness and generosity. Luckily, we can pay you back with action! We did want to publicly say thank you to all those who publicly and privately donated money to us to help relaunch this community. To all those who privately donated money we say thank you with love. To all those who publicly did so, we say the same, and wanted to add you to this list so the whole world would know how amazing you are! Without all of you none of this would be possible. Let’s break some walls together!


A very special thanks to:
Christine Sommerville
Joshua Weisbrod
Delphine Amato
Fillip Frog (who we hear is very hungry!)
Jan Joost Verhoef
Querina Viviana
Justine Arce
Olive Hui
Dan Mountain
Ray Lo
Joann Alaimo
Paul Cooklin
Meagan Harman
Madcow Goat Smuggla (Hide ya goats, hide ya wife)
Anne Elizabeth Molnar
Gabriella Pullano
Jenna Salvagin
Gonz Jove
Kiersten Bakowski
Delilah Ortega
Guillermo Varillas
Antoinette Scully
Francisco Recacha
Samantha de Gracia
David Kincaid
Danielle Katz
We Are The Wilderness
Ashley Giannetto
Monica Lo
Casey Diebold
Brittany Dolence
Bela Morris
Aileen Cho
Phil Santos
Audrey Kell
Daniel Loffredo
Daniel Dunt
Lauren Gozzi
Chantal Barlow
Robin Mesina
Natalie Reynolds
Frank Franca
Eric Scott
Robert MacNeil
Ollie Murray
Tom Mauriello
Chad Trutt
Tracy Girdler
Dannielle Hodson


  • Maureen

    Love the new Wallbreakers format! Congratulations and keep on breaking walls!