Take a Bite out of the Ass of Life with Oscar Francis Prints & Textiles!

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Oscar Francis Prints & Textiles is a London-based studio creating bold modern graphic prints and patterns. Sarah, the brainchild behind the studio, set it up in honor of her late father Aaron Evans, and named it after her children. Her story is wonderful! She had this to say about the studio’s inception: “American culture has had a big influence on me and my life. I saw my first movie when I was two, it was Some Like it Hot by Billy Wilder. It is still in my top five favorite films of all time. American art has played a role too, Edward Hopper, Rothko, Pollock… the list goes on. Prints of these artists hung on the walls in my house growing up. The man I have to thank for this? My father, the biggest fan of american movies you ever met. He was an enthusiast, an optimist, a ‘take a bite out of the ass of life’ kind of guy (that was one of his phrases), not to mention an artist and an architect. Like him, I became an architect, and when he died eighteen months ago I like to think I became an artist too.


“I decided to take a bite out of the ass of life and go back to doing something more hands on and immediately creative, even if it’s much less financially rewarding! I set up my new business, Oscar Francis Prints & Textiles, last year. I design prints and graphic patterns inspired by my love of architecture, using the skills I learned in my profession to produce and market the work.”


I was very sorry to hear of Sarah’s father’s passing. I feel like in life, creative people aspire to be creative, then they realize they need to make money to live and be happy, and then they eventually realize that they need that creativity back in their life again and the money was never that important to begin with if it wasn’t accompanied by the happiness brought on by creative satisfaction. I’ve never liked to tell people that I’m a “graphic designer.” I’m not a graphic designer, I’m an artist and creative thinker. I think most artists would agree with that sentiment, including Sarah, who, while being a professional architect, has the eye and the overall training to produce these beautiful prints and textiles. It’s safe to say that Sarah’s father, Aaron Evans, would be very proud of his daughter’s work. Take a look at some of the beautiful cushion covers she’s selling on her site for very affordable prices below! As Sarah mentions, “the current collections share a common theme of ‘pattern architecture.’ They abstract familiar patterns of architecture and housing ranging from the 18th century terrace to late 20th century modernism.”


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