60 Iconic Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Covers

Much ink has been spilled here on The WallBreakers about Norman Rockwell. I’ve always felt that Rockwell beautifully captured an idealistic version of Americana in his paintings. We could absolutely argue that because he wasn’t allowed to paint African Americans until his later years his version of Americana is mostly skewed. … Read More60 Iconic Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Covers

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Wall Breakers would like to take this time to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! We love you all. We’re thankful today for all of you because you’ve made running this site a joy and pushed us to be more creative and better at what … Read MoreHappy Thanksgiving!

Norman Rockwell: Americana Embodied

If you were born any time in the twentieth century, chances are you know who Norman Rockwell was. His paintings spanned four generations of American culture and left a major thumbprint on what we now know as “Americana“.