Linh Dao: The Food Alphabet

Check out this awesome type-meets-food piece by Kirksville, Missouri-based graphic designer Linh Dao. The amount of time and effort put in to create and shoot all 26 letters and 10 unique numerals is self-evident. We loved this piece! Check it out.

Verginiya Kadina: Wiggle

St. Charles, Missouri-based designer Verginiya Kadina created these huge line drawings entirely in adobe illustrator! As you’ll see below, when printed, each piece measures 44″ x 200″ (112 x 508 cm). It’s amazing that I’d have never thought to create a “fine art” line drawing using … Read MoreVerginiya Kadina: Wiggle

Kimber Mallett: 21st Century Abstract Expressionism

St. Louis, Missouri-based artist and educator Kimber Mallett has been heavily influenced by a statement that mid-twentieth century French philosopher Jean Baudrillard made. Baudrillard felt that America’s consumer society would result in its citizens replacing reality with what he termed “hyper-reality.” He felt that our world would … Read MoreKimber Mallett: 21st Century Abstract Expressionism

Mike Ferris: Linocut Dreams

Kansas City, Missouri-based artist Mike Ferris created this series as a way to illustrate the concept that humans have had a need throughout history to create, collect, build and change, specifically environmental and architectural elements. The illustrations of human-like creatures, who can almost be viewed … Read MoreMike Ferris: Linocut Dreams