Subliminal Street Art from Karen M & Anthony C

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Anthony C and Karen M are back with their latest series of seemingly unassuming telephone pole art that will be sure to get embedded deep into your consciousness and drive you crazy. Why do I say that? Well, imagine you’re somewhere viewing an outdoor art gallery. You notice across the street from the art gallery one of the pieces in this series casually stuck onto a telephone pole. That’s not a big deal, but the next week you’re parking your car outside of the supermarket when… you see it again. Before you know it, you’re seeing these seemingly unassuming pieces of street art everywhere and it’s driving you crazy. It welds itself to the back of your mind and you’re hooked. Take a look!


Street Art at American Cleaners


Street Art North Philly on Glitter Paper


Street Art The Undead with garage door


Street Art with Blue Fence


Street Art with Dump Truck


Street Art with Graff


Street Art with Silver Funnel