Steven Noble: Overview as an Artist

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Chances are that if you don’t know the name Steven Noble you definitely know his work. Since graduating from the University of California, Davis in 1990, Steven Noble has mastered a wide range of detail and style within the scratch-board medium and has become internationally recognized for his work from clients as far way as Japan to Europe.

Espolon Tequila: Iconic Tequila Brand Returns with Same Great Liquid Presented in Updated Packaging with Imagery that Celebrates“Real Mexico”


American Express Logo:Pen and ink on scratchboard for use as a logo identity for American Express with modifications made to the portrait from the original logo.


SLS Hotels logo: Beverly Hills, CA


White House Logo:Noble based his image of the White House not on how it appears today, but on how the house appeared in the 1950s, after President Truman had the entire building reconstructed due to serious structural flaws. This post-renovation period is considered by historians to be the most recognizable and historically appropriate representation of the White House. Adding to the appeal of this depiction is the landscaping, which at the time was modest in size and density (whereas today it engulfs the building, creating an overcrowded background).


Short Mountain Shine label: Scratchboard woodcut style that includes an old fashioned moonshine scene for use on labels


Kraken Rum:

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