Sp3ktr: Neon Knight – Blade Running

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Wall Breaker Matt Salter (aka Sp3ktr) created this illustration for NEON KNIGHTS, a dance music outfit out of Denver helmed by maestro Shannon Kelly. Neon Knights present a mix of dark disco, electro, synth and new wave music for your dancing pleasure. As Matt stated, “the imagery I create for them is usually based in a neo-wave retro future. I have been working with Neon Knight for over two years and created quite a few masterpieces for them. Over the past year the illustrations have had a Patrick Nagel-esque style to them. I applied that look to this illustration referencing the giant candy eating geisha ad from Blade Runner. The kimono the geisha wears is embroidered with circuit patterns to pay respect to the technological past, while neon Torii(arches) glow out the far horizon. The glowing scan lines and wire frames pay homage to the early CG and backlit animation in movies such as Tron and the advertising work of Robert Abel and Associates.” Take a look!

Sp3ktr: Neon Knight - Blade Running 1

Sp3ktr: Neon Knight - Blade Running 2

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