Skiers Relax by a Fire at a Stowe Dormitory in Vermont, August 1967

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B. Anthony Stewart was once called the “epitome of a National Geographic photographer” by the magazine’s then-director of photography Robert E. Gilka. Mr. Stewart worked for National Geographic Magazine for forty-two years, taking photographs all over the world. He was singularly responsible for the magazine expanding its sixteen-page featured photography section to thirty-two and won White House News Photographers Association and The National Press Photographers Association awards on various occasions. While a competent technician who was a pioneer in using the view camera and 35mm equipment, according to Robert Gilka in B. Anthony Stewart’s Washington Post obituary, his main love, and biggest skill, was his ability to see life happening in front of him in beautiful compositions.

This photo was shot at Stowe Mountain Lodge in August of 1967, ten years before Ms Stewart passed away in June of 1977.