Scheufler: The Art of a 21st Century Renaissance Man

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Scheufler was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 1959. He is a painter, graphic designer, illustrator, calligrapher, professor of Philosophy of Art, biologist specializing in ecology and, anthropologist. Scheufler¬†identifies himself as a Renaissance and Baroque spirit. Currently, he coordinates the “HANDHAUS,” a laboratory for creation of the Social Communication Course at the Catholic University of Brasilia. Take a look at some of the art of a true 21st century Renaissance man!


Anubis Bestiary_05 Brazilian Contemporary Forniture II Elementary Structures of Everyday Life_I Elementary Structures of Everyday Life_II Minotaur Minerva and Proserpina Minotaur Night Fox Ramses Sandman The Board of the Calligrapher The Human Tragedy _ The veladura and the Knife The Philosophical Cat The Steppenwolf