Ruth Geldard: To Skirt I, II, & III – Wall Hang Sculptures

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As Ruth Geldard, whom we featured last year, tells us, “To Skirt investigates the possibility of a feminine/feminised phenomenology through the use and manipulation of materials that reference the body and the Domestic. Strategies are employed to transgress the boundaries of category, the work is neither painting nor straightforward embroidery. The openings in each work and suggestion of function, invite physical investigation, making them more akin to sculpture. The reference to domestic stitching, suggests fragile, tactical almost covert support.” Each wall hang is made of painting support, felt, silk ribbon, silk thread. Take a look!


Ruth_Geldard_To_Skirt_1 Ruth_Geldard_To_Skirt_4 Ruth_Geldard_To_Skirt_3 Ruth_Geldard_To_Skirt_2 Ruth_Geldard_To_Skirt_5

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