Redemption, A Noir Photographic Series by Fábio Miguel Roque

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Lisbon, Portugal-based photographer Fábio Roque is back with his latest series, entitled Redemption. As he tells us, “Redemption is a photographic project that is based on a discontinued narrative that may seem confusing, however, is quite simple. It is a personal reflection of my journey in life. It’s definitely a autobiographical project, but not only that. I tried to build a memory. It is a register of my recent journey as an individual, and also as an individual within a society as complex as ours. It’s a project that can be approached from different angles, but reflect contradictory topics such as faith, death, sex and loneliness.” Take a look!


Redemption - 01 Redemption - 04 Redemption - 05 Redemption - 09 Redemption - 16 Redemption - 17