Rare Footage on the Streets of New York City in October of 1987

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I love scouring the web for cool stuff, especially, as you might have guessed, for old photos and footage of New York City. The early part of this footage takes the viewer up 6th avenue (Avenue of the Americas), and passes 46th street. I work nearby. The Duane Reade on 45th street has recently closed, and the Burger King on the corner of 45th is long gone. Change is New York’s defining trademark. It’s the ultimate “get busy living, or get busy dying” place.


There’s about twenty-five minutes of footage spread out over these three videos. It’s a great look at life in New York during the late 1980s. Can you believe that 1987 was almost thirty years ago? Check it out, and please disregard the religious extremist in part 3!


[Special thanks to Youtube user MovieMagg for uploading these videos]