Qaqtis: Hand-Painted Shoes

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Who wouldn’t love a pair of custom, hand-painted kicks? This sentiment has gotten so popular that recently, even Nike got into the act. Enter Vancouver-based artist Kuetina, whom “began doodling on hoodies and shoes a couple years back and had many people ask me if they could purchase my hand painted hoodies, shoes, etc. I then started a clothing line called Qaqtis to sell my designs, while still creating art on the side. I’m inspired by everyday objects like hair dryers, lawn mowers, etc. and I try to create whimsical and funny images with clowns (and such) emerging from these every day objects.” Check out some of Qatis’ shoe designs below. You can also shop the looks you love on the Qatis website here. Check ’em out!


Qatis: Hand-Painted Shoes