Philip Marlowe Posters by James Scully

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I can’t prove that I was a hard-boiled P.I. in a past life, but that I can’t prove that I wasn’t! I’ve read every novel (and most short stories) by Raymond Chandler, author of the famed Philip Marlowe detective series. I loved the Marlowe character so much that I even wrote a short story set prior to the 1st novel. I’m currently working on a novel that takes place four years after his final novel, Poodle Springs. In the meantime, enjoy these posters I created for each of the eight Marlowe novels, which are in chronological order.


MarlowePosters_1 MarlowePosters_2 MarlowePosters_3 MarlowePosters_4 MarlowePosters_5 MarlowePosters_6 MarlowePosters_7 MarlowePosters_8


“Dead men are heavier than broken hearts.” Raymond Chandler The Big Sleep



  • Maureen

    Great work James. These look fabulous! Are they for sale?