Paintings with the Influence of the American Landscape from Preston M. Smith

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“Through my artwork, I’m mainly interested in exploring the existential experience of the human being. I constantly keep myself inspired by surrounding myself with music, literature, movies, and by cultivating my own everyday experiences.”


Preston M. Smith is a Los Angeles-based painter. Growing up virtually across the American Northwest, Smith’s early years were spent camping, hiking and moving through Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming. Like the landscape ripped through by the Rockies, Grand Tetons, irrigated by river beds, an imagination, craggy faced and angular, heavied in deep shadow and thick sun setting colors, appeared as images scribbled onto paper scraps by a young artist. Days were filled with endless doodlings and pre-adolescent, auteur home movie making. By High School, Smith was working in acrylics and dedicated to refining his draftsmanship. Smith attended Gonzaga University. Chasing the magic of his imagination, silent movies and independent cinema, he focussed on painting and acting classes. While completing numerous theatre productions, student films, endless still life and landscape canvases, Smith found himself struggling for a more personal art and abstract visual language. It was under the guidance of Professor Robert Gilmore that Smith began to experiment, culminating in his being the lone recipient of the prestigious Krelshiemer Assistantship.


Take a look at Preston’s wonderful paintings below. He’s got many different styles. We like them all.



Preston-M_9 Preston-M_10 Preston-M_7 Preston-M_6 Preston-M_5 Preston-M_4 Preston-M_3 Preston-M_2