Paintings with Style, Substance, and Soul by Christopher Marion Thomas

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Chicago-reared artist Christopher Marion Thomas is a walking example of how talent, perseverance, and an inner light that shines on anything he’s touched, can alter the course of history for the better. We are partly what our surroundings make us. We are also partly what’s inside of our heads and hearts. The age-old question of “nature vs. nurture” is one that society still hasn’t been able to find an answer for. That’s probably because we’re a combination of both. Men and women like Christopher can’t help but make the world a more positive place. It’s in their nature. Christopher cares about what life should be about. He wants to care. He needs to care. His voice is a clear sound amidst the rumble of static. Christopher had this to say about his upbringing: “Growing up on the South side of Chicago, in Englewood, with an abusive, neglectful father, and a mother in and out of mental institutions for most of my life, I didn’t have much more than my imagination, a few comic books, and a prayer to become someone more than my environment would have me to be. Eventually, with time, my comic books wore out, but my imagination ended up marrying my prayers and birthed in me a desire to become an artist; a ‘painter’ to be exact.


“My paintings are simply inspired by the two subjects that feed my soul the most, the stories written in the narrative of the Bible, and the practical craft of painting. I enjoy Biblical stories, because personally, they give me hope, and I am inspired to use my gifts and talents as a painter to tell those stories in a fresh, visually compelling and socially relevant way, for a time such as this.”


Positive energy jumps off of Christopher’s canvases. His use of strong light sources coupled with complimentary color tones create works of art that soothes the soul. Take a look at his wonderful paintings below!


Christopher_Thomas_1 Christopher_Thomas_3 Christopher_Thomas_4 Christopher_Thomas_5 Christopher_Thomas_6 Christopher_Thomas_7 Christopher_Thomas_8



  • Nicole Thomas

    His art is so vibrant.