Gritty Pop Murals and Canvases by Megan Ai from Urban Modernism

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Megan Ai is an LA and Bay Area-based artist that has done a lot of work with her partner SAAV1 in the past few years, including mural work in Oakland, CA. The duo calls themselves Urban Modernism. They see a blank wall as an opportunity. Their goal is to make “something” out of what was once “nothing.”  They’re right. Art is such a powerful thing. Whether a person likes or dislikes a work of art is almost inconsequential, it’s that they’re thinking about it in the first place that makes it important. Take a look at some of Megan and SAAV1’s work below!


Megan_Ai_1 Megan_Ai_2 Megan_Ai_3 Megan_Ai_4 Megan_Ai_5 Megan_Ai_6 Megan_Ai_7 Megan_Ai_8