Nicole Hodsdon: Bent Ply Bench

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Detroit-based furniture and industrial designer Nicole Hodsdon┬áis back with this mid-century inspired creation. She had this to say about her bent plywood bench: “I wanted to create a bench that was inspired by Eames’, Saarinen and Columbo, with their use of curved elements and bright colors, but also make it a bit more modern by creating a design that has little waste associated with the manufacturing process. It’s a sturdy bench that fits one person comfortably or two cozily. I made it by hand using a hand-made mold and applying glue to each layer of bending birch ply before sliding both the mold and plywood layers into a vacuum bag so they would mold in the correct shape. I dyed the inside bright spring green for a nice pop of color and to bring in some depth and interest to the inside. It’s finished with polyurethane over the bending birch plywood.” Wow. Take a look!

Nicole Hodsdon: Bent Ply Bench 1

Nicole Hodsdon: Bent Ply Bench 2

Nicole Hodsdon: Bent Ply Bench 3

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