Monkey Chef #2 – A Comic by Mike Freiheit

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Chicago-based illustrator Mike Freiheit has got a great sense of humor, a ton of illustration skills, and is a very self-aware guy. We’ve featured his work like Muslim Football before. Mike once spent nine months working at a primate sanctuary where he cooked and cared for monkeys! Mike is in the process of producing a series of comics about his adventure. With the help of Kickstarter, Mike produced Monkey Chef #1 last year.




As Mike tells us, “Monkey Chef is a collection of short, autobiographical stories about my time spent working at a primate sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa. I was the chef for both the monkeys and the humans. I lived in South Africa for nine months. My original intention was to make a book of drawings and paintings with stray observations, but after returning home, I realized that all the encounters and experiences I had would be best suited for comics. They were just too strange and particular.” Mike has launched a new Kickstarter campaign with about 80% of his goal going towards the print costs of the book, and the rest goes towards Kickstarter’s fees, taxes and costs for fulfilling rewards. Please check out Mike’s short video below. He’s offering amazing rewards for donations! You can also see some of the art from Monkey Chef #1 below as well.



Mike_Freiheit_1 Mike_Freiheit_3 Mike_Freiheit_2


The artist in his lair