MissingSince1979: Jani Maunula’s Fashion Line Inspired By His Missing Uncle

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Jani Maunula is a fashion designer from Finland that has launched a line in honor of his uncle. Jani’s uncle disappeared on his way to New York in 1979. No one has heard from him since then other than a postcard to Jani in December of 1983, a few hints from people he has known, and a foreign phone call from Tunisia to her aunt this past February! Jani had this to say about the project: “Last month I went on a road trip to Tunisia, spreading missing posters all around the country. That was in hopes of both finding him, and also to promote my new t-shirt line . We all know those 1970s-80s souvenir tees in multicolors, and those cheap style prints from different travel destinations. My tees are from somewhere. The print is a collage of pictures from my uncle Andreas’ hometown. It was in a small town in Northern Finland where he started to feel Alive, as he wrote me in the postcard in 1983, which caused him to leave. The tees are wrapped in silver foil such as they packed vague deliveries in the past. The package also includes a postcard that you can send with love to someone you are missing.”


What an interesting inspiration for starting a fashion line! It’s obvious his uncle is alive and well, he just chose to live a different kind of life than he was supposed to. Who’d have though you could find such great inspiration from such an odd, potentially tragic, and, as it turns out, very interesting life occurrence. I agree with Jani. He feels that sometimes we have to change tragic and odd moments in our lives to good memories which help keep us alive! Take a look at some of Jani’s photos from his trip to Tunisia and her product photos, which were shot by Thomas Broumand. Be sure to check out Jani’s Instagram and Tumblr as well!



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