Mike Wallace’s 1958 Interview with Salvador Dali

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In 1958 Mike Wallace sat down for an interview with Salvador Dali for his television program. It was an unprecedented look into the mind of one of the 20th century’s premiere thinkers and dreamers.

By this point in Wallace’s career he was a seasoned veteran of almost twenty years in radio and television. The interview is notable for many reasons. One is the genuine curiosity in which Wallace asks questions to Dali, which made Dali comfortable. Wallace asks Dali such gems as “What is philosophical about driving a car full of cauliflowers?” and, “Why did you lecture with your head enclosed in a diving helmet? It’s also very important to note their discussion of the fear of death, and their own mortality. It’s eerie to watch knowing they have both since passed away, but it also opens our minds to a wider range of notions to consider. Dali’s level of consciousness places him in the role of the wise sage, freely giving his knowledge to the viewing American audience. Here’s the interview in two parts. Skip to 2:06 if you don’t want to hear Mr. Wallace talk about how amazing Parliament cigarettes are. If you love those old, horribly inaccurate cigarette commercials, Happy New Year!



Editor’s Note: This article is an expanded version of one originally published on April 9th, 2012.