Merry Christmas! Thoughts on 2015 and Work to be Done in 2016

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Merry Christmas from The WallBreakers! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, today’s a day to spend with people you love. We hope the coming year brings everyone joy. Have you ever felt like you were standing in front of a doorway, but hadn’t yet walked through? I’ve been feeling like that lately. I think 2016 will be the most important year in the history of America. Exactly two-hundred thirty years after a gang of rebels declared independence from King George III of Great Britain, this next election could very well determine a torn course of history we may follow. No matter whom you support in an election, we need to remember that we’re all much more alike than we are different. The holiday season proves that. No matter our race or religion, this time of year is a time to share warmth and human connection with each other. Politicians don’t determine our fate, we do.


My personal goal for 2016 is to open multiple financial veins for myself because I believe that, in an economic climate this uncertain, putting all of our eggs in any single basket of employment is a mistake. It sure seems like history is speeding up, at least in New York. We need to stay in front of the rolling ball called “life”. We’ve all got the power to do that just simply by trusting our instincts. I’ve been paying attention to the lives of my friends and acquaintances. To a person, they all had years in which they experienced significant growth. I feel so grateful to have wonderful peers in my life. I too feel like I had a strong year filled with self-discovery. Has anyone else begun to enjoy having to react quickly and confidently in order to make difficult decisions for themselves? It builds so much self-assuredness. Our exploratory kid-self is within all of us. We never have to grow up. We’ve all got this! Let’s trust our instincts. 2016 here we come!