Legends of the Isles: A Beautiful Short Film About Friendship and Hockey

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Director Tony Franklin is back with his latest short film, Vimeo Staff Pick: Legends of the Isles. I’m a huge hockey fan so this resonates with me, but even if you’re not, the camaraderie, teamwork, and friendships formed on that pond with those amateur hockey players is something we all can relate to. We all experience some level of sorrow at the changing world around us. We’re all aging. We all, at times, wish we could go back to days of yore. We can’t, but participating in activities that we experienced as a kid, with other people that have shared those experiences, bring us momentarily back to those childhood moments of pure joy when bills, death, and taxes didn’t mean a thing. It’s beautiful. Credits are after the jump.


Director: Tony Franklin
Director of Photography: Eric Schleicher
Second Camera: Josh Becker
Editor: Nate Maydole / Eric Schleicher
Music / Sound Mix: Nick Mihalevich / Cape Status
Graphic Design: Mike Forester
Archival Footage: Tom Dunn