Late Cambrian, The Next Great Brooklyn Indie Alternative Rock band

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Being a native Brooklynite, I sometimes take for granted just how much creativity my borough is teeming with. I think to myself, “I’ve really got a handle on the ___ scene in Brooklyn right now” and then, boom, I get introduced to something or someone new and I smile. It makes me realize its impossible to ever get a handle on the creative scene here in Brooklyn because it’s constantly evolving and expanding.


I recently came across the music of Late Cambrian and my life is better for it. That’s a bold statement, but one that you’ll immediately understand once listening to their music. When asked to describe their sound, someone recently stated that “if The Strokes and Phoenix adopted a rock baby from Elliot Smith and The Arctic Monkeys the baby’s name would be Late Cambrian.” It’s an accurate and great assessment of this musical trio.


Late Cambrian


Late Cambrian formed in 2011. It started out as a John Wlaysewski (lead singer and guitarist) solo project, after his previous project Flying Machines, disbanded. O (synth and vocals) and John recorded the first Late Cambrian album with drummer Colin Schiller. After finishing the album they auditioned bass players and found Nunzio Moudatsos, who was was the principle songwriter and guitar player for his previous band, A Crimson Affair. The three fit like a glove. Since Nunzio didn’t play on their first record (The Last Concert) the fully formed band hit the studio right away. Their next EP, Social Season came out in 2012, with the song “Ryan Gosling,” which got the band some deserved acclaim and positive write-ups. At the same time Social Season was released in America, their Japanese record label ThisTime Records (who had contacted the band) released The Last Concert in Japan! With their global acclaim growing they hit the studio again to record a full-length LP, Peach, which is available on iTunes right now and also recorded a track called “Walk of Shame” specifically for the awesome Converse Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn.



If you’re in the NYC area, Late Cambrian will be performing at the Queens Crossing Mall during the Mango Fashion Show on August 23rd. They’ll also be playing a show at Bowery Electric, along with two Japanese bands, on September 8th. Listen to some tracks off of Peach below. If you like their music be sure to support them by buying the album. You can also get in touch with them through their Twitter and Facebook pages!













[Photos by Brandon Leger]