Kimber Mallett: Tiffany

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Wow, this sculpture by St. Louis, Missouri-based artist and educator Kimber Mallett is so much fun! Kimber created “Tiffany” when preparing her graduate show, which was entitled “Scraps”. This included digital images based on roadkill, collographs made from found trash, and drawings over digital prints about humans which metaphorically represented scraps physically and/or emotionally. The centerpiece was Tiffany, which Kimber created out of wire. The skin is created from bottle caps, cheap beads, packaging discards, and other found objects. The name Tiffany of course is a sarcastic representation of Tiffany’s. The message might be on the dark side, but the sculpture itself is so vibrant and lively that you can’t help but feel hopeful for society because no matter how much trash we discard, there’s always something more productive that can be done with it! Now we just have to utilize it in ways as beautiful designed as Kimber’s Tiffany.


Kimber Mallett: Tiffany 2


Kimber Mallett: Tiffany 4

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