The Female Figure, as a Hybrid of Erotica, Surrealism, and Horror in Art from Jen Lightfoot

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Jen Lightfoot is a multi-talented artist that loves to capture the female figure in a combined state of fantasy and reality, through articulate line and shading work, with a deep understanding of her own drawing hand. It’s part of why Jen’s exhibited her art in several US states. I love this particular form of sexuality in her work. I think that within each of us there is a part of our own sexuality that’s deeply fascinated with the grotesque. Jen taps into those inner feelings that many of us are afraid to show, bringing them to the forefront. If her art makes you uncomfortable than she is succeeding in her goal, but I’m also sure it’s impossible for you to look away. As she mentioned to us, “my desire is to create drawings that challenge the viewer to question his or her sexual attractions, desires, and fantasies.” In that regard, the connotation Jen is making also challenges societal norms in a way that’s impossible to dismiss because of her own technical prowess. Jen is a true Wall Breaker.


Jen Lightfoot_Girl Anachronism


Jen Lightfoot_Gretchen


Jen Lightfoot_Lacrymosa


Jen Lightfoot_The Stranger


Jen Lightfoot_Undertow


Jen Lightfoot_When They Start To Rot


Jen Lightfoot_Your Love Will Be Oozing Out