Offset Photography: Apple Orchards

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One of my favorite September activities is apple picking.  In September, Autumn apples ripen and begin to fall from their trees. For me, Autumn has always been a season tied to festival and family/friend fun, which in turn has always been tied to the harvest season. Many kinds of American apples are harvested in Autumn. Their bright red skin juxtaposed to the still green grass and leaves within apple orchards makes for a picturesque (and not to mention delicious) scene! Autumn is a season of family togetherness. Take a look at some of the Offset photography associated with apple orchards. The photo credits are attached.

600-07110429 offset_149542 JOHNER2009675 Basket of Freshly Picked Apples in an Orchard An apple orchard in Utah. A basket of apples standing by a ladder. offset_205488 offset_225028 offset_265462 Apples in basket with towel on forest floor. Top view offset_286812 Basket of apples at orchard. offset_289185 offset_289189 SunRay Kelly's home Nov. 15-17 2012 Äppeljobb. Spek, Av Britt-marie Eriksson. © Andrew Zaeh | ZAEH, LLC © Andrew Zaeh | ZAEH, LLC Misty autumn landscape of apple orchard and apple trees 11509626.jpg offset_395159