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BW – EP50: We The People—A Message for Unity in Honor of Dr. King and Norman Corwin


In episode 50 of Breaking Walls, we pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Norman Corwin with an uplifting audio piece in honor of our rights and duties as citizens of the United States of America. Among the cast are: Neil Armstrong Lucille Ball Lionel Barrymore Charles Calvart Kieran Culkin Ted De Corsia Alice Frost Wendell Holmes Dr. Martin. Luther King Jr. Howard McNear Jack Moyles President Barack Obama Santos Ortega Vincent Price

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BW – EP49: An Audio History of New Year’s Eve on Radio


In Breaking Walls Episode 49, in honor of the last day of 2016, we present to you an up close look at how New Year’s Eve was handled on radio during what’s come to be known as the Golden Age of Radio, between the early 1930s and 1962.   Highlights Include: • A profile on Jack Benny, the most famous comedian of the 1st half of the 20th century • Do you remember Madge the

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BW – EP48: A Blindfolded Evening at BAM With Bittersuite


In Breaking Walls Episode 48, experience an evening unlike any other at BAM with BitterSuite, a fully immersive concert experience with one catch—the participating audience is blindfolded, touched, danced with, fed, and loved by a complete stranger.   I got to experience this first hand. Today you can too, through on-the-scene conversations with Bittersuite creator Stephanie Singer, and participant Stephanie Guzman!     For more information about Bittersuite please go here –   The Brooklyn

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BW – EP47: The Radio Chronicles—Travel In Time To 12.7.1941 With Actual Radio Broadcasts


In Episode 47 of Breaking Walls, we introduce a new sub-series to Breaking Walls called, The Radio Chronicles. It’s the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. In honor of this momentous day we travel back in time using actual radio broadcasts from that day and the days which followed, to take the temperature of a nation and a world at war.   Voices heard include: Orson Welles, Jack Benny,

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BW – EP46: How To Live, Laugh, and Love—Corporate Art & Design Consultant Elle Neale


In episode 46 of Breaking Walls, we sit down with corporate art & design consultant Elle Neale for a conversation about the ways she’s learned to live, laugh, and love by setting intentions and releasing herself from the burden of expectations. It’s a great chat for Thanksgiving week!   Highlights Elle’s upbringing in New York City What it’s like for Elle to be part of RareCulture, her family’s business A specific moment Elle learned—the hard

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BW – EP45: The League Of Creative Introverts—Designer Cat Rose


In episode 45 of Breaking Walls, we sit down with Brighton, UK-based designer Cat Rose for a conversation about The League of Creative Introverts—a creative community headed by Cat ( and how Cat has used conscious gratitude to improve the way she sees the world.   Highlights Include: What is The League of Creative Introverts and what gave Cat the inspiration to start it How the league can help you if you’ve been feeling insecure