i’Anson: In Chances of Light

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In Chances of Light is the debut full length album from Hugh Carswell (aka i’Anson) packed with personal memories, evoking one man’s relationship with a wild and immutable landscape. It’s a beautiful album that is sure to put you in an introspective mood while listening to it, which for me, is a staple of good classic or instrumental music.


Hugh’s had an interesting journey. As Wildkat PR tells us, “cutting loose from the bustle of London life, Hugh Carswell left the city behind in 2006, relocating to the magical island of Jura off the west coast of Scotland. Hugh already had a strong personal connection with the island, it being the home to five generations on his father’s side. Jura’s beautiful yet bleak landscape and unique community inspired him to create the stunning music featured on In Chances Of Light.”


Featured on the album is drummer/percussionist Steve Jansen (ex Japan, David Sylvian), the outstandingly talented Scottish Ensemble on strings, and the jazz bassist Dudley Phillips, among others. Carswell prefers to work under the name i’Anson – taken from his grandfather, the writer Hugh I’Anson Fausset. I love that Hugh has a lineage steeped in creativity, one that he’s honored to harken back to. His album was released on November 4th and is now available on itunes. It’s a must listen. Check out a few of the tracks we’ve embedded for you!