Humor From A.P. Potting Jr.

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These cute cards and illustrations by A.P. Potting caught our eye. We asked him about his inspiration to which he replied, ” I tell, in words and pictures, the comedic back story of creature’s ordinary lives. The plots of which are teased out from the dark recesses of my confused and addled mind somehow, usually without the need of a hammer. I cannot really explain the process but here is some explanation of the influencing factors.

“I spent many years as a botanist living in the windswept outcrops of Scotland meticulously drawing flowers, so I suppose my own drawing style is reactionary to that. Every day for a year I drew, in a time limit of 5 minutes, a different creature with their own story. This was in no way meticulous nor about plants. In fact it was so much more fun that I’ve never gone back realistic drawing styles. It kick started my obsession for drawing creatures and to find out what their stories are. Sometimes I will have an idea for a story and draw the scene but mainly I have an idea to draw a creature and the story comes from what I subsequently see as a result.”

“As a child I grew up the surreal comedy of Monty Python, which is in my DNA, along with other great British comedians and actors such as Black Adder, Ronnie Barker, Peter Cook, Chris Morris and Les Dawson. Some of the names will be familiar worldwide I’m sure but most are particularly British and eccentrically so.”

“I was also slightly obsessed with the work of British character actors of the 50’s and 60’s, especially the comedic ones such as the brilliant Scottish actor Alastair Sim. I love subtle, and not so subtle, darkly comedic characters. The best purveyor of this, for me, in illustrated story telling is Raymond Briggs. Turning the amazing ordinary is his speciality. He does it with far greater visual beauty than I ever could. Making Father Christmas a grumpy old man (who is still likable) living on his own in a small house with his cat and dog is a touch of genius which could not be done as well by anybody else.”

If you enjoy A.P.’s humor as much as we do, be sure to visit his Etsy page. He also has a book! It makes a great gift for children of all ages. Enjoy!

Humor from AP Potting

Humor from AP Potting

Humor from AP Potting