Holly T Burrows: The Hypochondriacs Alphabet

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Holly T. Burrows is an illustrator and designer who mainly works in collage but also enjoys painting and printmaking, writing and editing and has a ‘proper’ job at the Roald Dahl Museum which perhaps explains her slightly macabre humor! If you need any further explanation of what makes Holly’s sense of humor “macabre” then we suggest you keep scrolling!


Holly created The Hypochondriac’s Alphabet’ while studying for her Masters degree. She was interested in the concept of picture books for adults. According to Holly, “My family are a bunch of hypochondriacs and we’ve always had medical books around which my sister and I used to look through as children and be intrigued by the illustrations. This book takes the idea of a traditional alphabet book but recreates it for hypochondriacs – most people will, at some point, have Googled a symptom and feared the worst. This is poking fun at taking relatively everyday symptoms and finding out what the worst possible outcome could be.”


Check it out below! You can see more on Holly’s site, and purchase art from her on her online shop!

Eisforearache Hisforheadache OPQRS Tisforthroat(sore) Zisforsleepingsickness