Hebru Brantley’s “The Watch,” a Street-Art Installation in Chicago

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“It is an extraordinary honor to have my work displayed throughout the great city of Chicago with my outdoor installation of “The Watch.” I feel truly proud and privileged to be at the forefront of the ever growing and evolving art culture in the city I call home. It is my hope that my work continues to be a shining part of this city, and that through my work I can inspire Chicago’s youth, showing them that anything is possible.” – Hebru Brantley


“The Watch” looks to introduce people to the public realm of art by breaking down the walls of the gallery and opening them up to the community and the world, giving vibrancy and identity to Chicago’s Art District.  The original exhibit of “The Watch,” which was featured heavily on CNN’s Chicagoland, was part of Chicago-based artist Hebru Brantley‘s contribution to Chicago Ideas Week (CIW), and featured his signature Fly Boy and Fly Girl sculptures, which have made lasting impressions on many. This year, the sculptures are host to a different theme in connection to CIW, its sponsors and Brantley. This project allows the community an opportunity to be a part of, or live within, an outdoor exhibition that enlivens the public space, stimulating community revitalization, national dialogue, and attracting visitors to Chicago!