Fine Art Semi-Nude Selfies from Lauren Rinaldi Which Gaze Into Insecurities Behind Narcissism

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Philadelphia-based fine artist Lauren Rinaldi is a woman who understands the beauty that is the female figure, regardless of shape or size. Love yourself and love your body. If you want to photograph yourself, you absolutely should, but you don’t need Instagram’s audience for validation, you’re already a work of art because you’re a human.  I love the concept behind, and the execution of Lauren’s work. She has a great understanding of brush stroke, form, and light sources. The painterly quality in her art, coupled with her subject matter, makes for one that’s aesthetically pleasing on many levels for a red-blooded American artist like myself. But, if you think her art is only about butts, stomachs, and half-exposed breasts, you’d be mistaken. It’s a subliminal look into the psyche of how many women feel about the importance of their body image today. As Lauren told me, “My intricate and personal stories function as a sort of diary on canvas and become a universal representation of female experiences. My work has slowly shifted its focus to reflect ideas of art in the age of digital narcissism, where the concept of the discarded selfie exists and where seizing control of your self-image can be orchestrated by filters, self-confidence ascertained with likes and comments.” The only person who can make you happy with yourself is you. Be happy with yourself. Remember, those that mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind.


Check out some of Lauren’s latest work below.