Fantastic, Gripping Paintings from Aaron Schraeter

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New York-based artist Aaron Schraeter, who created the The Geppetto Project, is back with his latest series of work. These works are  paintings that also use collage made up from grocery store circulars. Aaron explained the journey behind this series in a fantastic blog post called “The Circular Diaries.” He explained the journey: “The last month or so has been an interesting ride with some life changes attached to it- some of those changes coming as feelings of rejection, being lost, and questioning the direction of movement. Let’s call them growing pains- and these are things we all feel at some point in our lives (if we’re fortunate). When the chips came down, I did what I always do- my own version of retail therapy, in the form of scouring the streets for things to make art with, or at least some inspiration. Ironically, on a day I needed it most, I came up with nothing. Zilch. For the first time in a long time I simply lost it. I started walking down the street, house to house, and yanking circulars out of the posts of neighbors’ fences and tearing them up. As a friend and mentor pointed out, the experience became research. I picked the scraps up off the ground, gathered some more of the coupon-filled paper, and got to work.”


The process and how we perceive the material we work with is often-times one of the most important and influential parts about creating any kind of art. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as Aaron pointed out in mentioning that you shouldn’t “envision me as a depressed artist having a realization of hopelessness, descending down to the end of my pitiful rope, the fun part comes in dealing with the material. The real magic came in discovering how much I can actually do with this material that seems so hopelessly one-note. When molded, painted, and placed correctly, the results can be beautiful, unique, and worth the double take it wouldn’t have earned previously. ”


These mixed media works are gripping and guttural. You can see his emotional expression of angst very clearly in the art. Something about its almost evil nature reminds me of an episode of the Twilight Zone called “The Howling Man.”
















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    schraeter’s awesome…nice write up too!

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  • How mind blowing . Professional paint . Feeling impressed after seeing your job . .