Conscious, Layered Art from Maria Vassiliou

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I’ve often felt that growth comes as an extension of self-creation and experimentation. That same could be said for Maria Vassiliou‘s growth as an artist. I first became aware of her through a mutual friend, WallBreaker Rob MacNeil, who photographed Maria in a whimsical series he called “Wonder Woman.” Maria is as comfortable being the artist’s subject as she is being the artist. No matter our age or life experience, we’ve got to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone to grow as artists. Living in a cosmopolitan city like Toronto, Ca has definitely helped Maria become exposed to tons of art and culture, and her sense of pop culture history, color theory, and collage composition spans generations. Life’s too short to be shy! Maria’s the curious type. She’s open, present, and all of that reflects in this great work below. Take a look at how Maria see’s the world through her art.



Image 1 - Blue Rays Image 14 - Shooting Stars Image 13 - Seashell Kiss Image 12 - Pin Up Ghosts Image 11 - Pink Purple Blue Image 10 - Patterned Dress Image 9 - Legs and Feet Image 8 - Hot Tamales Image 7 - Head Full of Flowers Image 6 - Flying with the Fish Image 5 - Flowers Out The Wazoo Image 4 - Ferris Wheel Image 3 - Dancing in the Blue Image 2 - Broken Tower