Chris Fitzgerald: Sexual Tension

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We should urge you that some of these images are NSFW. If you’re sitting at home in your pjs then we should tell you that Chis Fitzgerald is a photographer/visual artist in Los Angeles focusing on the erotic, the grotesque, and where those two things intersect. He tells it, ” I deal a lot with the relationship of the photographer and the model, the seemingly symbiotic voyeur/exhibitionist partnership that exists between them. Much of the commercial work I do is in the fashion world which has a definite influence on the way I craft my personal work, and vice versa. I’ve always believed that “fashion” was a polite way of saying “fetish,” anyway.”


Hmm interesting. I wonder what he means? Take a look below:


“I moved to Los Angeles about six months ago from Memphis where I’d lived my entire life. Back home I’d fostered many creative relationships with like-minded models and it was daunting to try and rebuild these relationships in Los Angeles, while at the same time chomping at the bit to keep creating in the same vein as before. On top of that, I was feeling this tremendous loneliness in Los Angeles, which was to be expected, but took me by surprise. I contacted one of my favorite models shortly after I’d moved and came up with the idea of shooting her over Skype as a way of keeping in touch and to feel like I was still connected to that creative worlds. The images we created are grainy, dirty, gritty, and push the boundaries of the medium of digital photography. By photographing my computer screen with a professional grade camera, I’ve achieved a high resolution photo of low resolution image, resulting in beautiful texture, a “thickness’ to the image, and a palpable tension in the photos. Ultimately, these images speak to the themes I have been exploring in my work for a while, but they focus heavily on the voyeur aspect and bring into question the image itself, as there is a softness and element of distortion to them because of the web connection.


The photos themselves are aggressive, tense, and challenging.  The limits of the webcam enhance this feeling and play on the hyper-sexuality of the internet itself, and our own voyeuristic tendencies online.  Its my intent to confuse the viewer, creating a sexual tension and anxiety simultaneously.”