Cesarr ST: BIOLUMINESCENCE – A New Photography Project

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Cesarr ST is someone who is very concerned with people’s relationships with the world and how it effects their art, and in this case photography. He’s always searching for a new way to interact with people and create new angles through photography, both from a physical and an emotional perspective. His new series, BIOLUMINESCENCE does just that. Cesarr had this to say about his series: “The project was done by building cameras that are triggered, creating images with the interaction of the subject. The subjects were introduced into a setting that involved a custom-built camera that pertained to the situation. When introduced to the situation, the subjects were given instructions on how to trigger the camera to create images for their specific situation. The subject was allowed to aim the camera wherever they wished and trigger it whenever they wanted. I, the artist, then developed, scanned, and colorized the black and white negatives according to my personal interpretation of how the subject reacted to the situation.”   Take a look.   Origin_CesarrST Gaud_CesarrST Eve in 2014_CesarrST Diner_CesarrST Chronos_CesarrST Behind_CesarrST Verse_CesarrST Swipe_CesarrST Sonnet_CesarrST