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If there’s one thing we didn’t like about creating this website, it was writing an about section. Instead, we put together this fake interview so you could learn a little bit about us and what we’re trying to do here at thewallbreakers.com. What exactly is … Read MoreAbout Us


The Wall Breakers Submissions Looking to submit your original artwork? Awesome! Here at The Wall Breakers our gallery celebrates all forms of creativity including fine arts, graphic design, films, animations, photography, industrial and interior design, architecture, fashion, music videos, installations, original writings, and whatever else … Read MoreSubmit


Advertise Thank you for your interest in advertising with us! The Wall Breakers is a community for creatives to display their art, receive inspiration, get up-to-date news that effects our industry, and to watch exclusive interviews with influential peers. Advertise with The Wall Breakers to … Read MoreAdvertise