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Stopping Time: New York in One-Point Perspective


Thanks to today’s smartphone technology, most of us have a camera on our person at all times. The iPhone 7 shoots a maximum pixel depth in RAW of 3024 x 4032, or 10″ x 13.5″ at 300DPI. The camera has a 12MP rear-facing cameras with an aperture of ƒ/1.8. That’s phenomenal quality for a phone. I’m also very excited about the new Light L16 camera coming out sometime next spring. It’s set to revolutionize smaller cameras. The iPhone7 Plus

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50 Images of life in New York City from the Last Year


New York City is such a wonderful place to photograph. I didn’t fully appreciate its awesome energy until I left Brooklyn for the Arizona desert in September of 2014. That time away from the coastline made me realize how close of a relationship my life had with the waters surrounding New York. I also realized how wonderful a walking city New York is.   When I got back to New York, I began to photograph life

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60 Iconic Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Covers


Much ink has been spilled here on The WallBreakers about Norman Rockwell. I’ve always felt that Rockwell beautifully captured an idealistic version of Americana in his paintings. We could absolutely argue that because he wasn’t allowed to paint African Americans until his later years his version of Americana is mostly skewed. I try to put Rockwell’s pre-1963 work in historical context based on who was commissioning him—The Saturday Evening Post—which only allowed white Americans to be depicted in their art in non-subjugational ways.

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Quiet Please: The Thing on the Fourble Board – One of The Most Terrifying Radio Plays Ever

Quiet Please: The Thing on the Fourble Board – One of The Most Terrifying Radio Plays Ever

Quiet Please was an old-time radio horror/fantasy drama which ran from June 8, 1947 to June 20, 1949. It is considered by many (including myself) to be one of the most uniquely creative radio dramas in history. The show’s creator, Wyllis Cooper, is also known for creating one of radio’s most famous macabre masterpiece shows Lights Out. Ernest Chappell was the show’s announcer and lead actor. Chappell played a different role each week, usually in a deadpanning manner

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#TBT 30 Perfectly Autumn Stock Photos


A cold chill is in the air so you’d better grab your jacket. It’s harvest season! It’s time for costumes and apple-picking. It’s time for pumpkin pie, cornucopias, and wool sweaters. It’s time for shorter days and morning frost. It’s time for trick-or-treating and thanksgiving meetings. It’s time for 30 stock photos that perfectly exemplify Autumn in a way that’d bring a nostalgic tear to Martha Stewart’s eye. I’ve always loved the colors of autumn,