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My background is in design, illustration and marketing. After flailing around with my pet portrait business, I’m on a mission to help fellow creatives, mostly introverts like myself, who struggle with the ‘icky’ feeling that comes with self-promotion.

I’ve learnt great deal about the technical aspects and strategy involved in DIY promotion. However, as a hardcore introvert and creative who prefers to hide behind the laptop screen, I’ve realised the mindset required to create a thriving business is far more important than I had previously imagined.


Often, we know what we need to DO to promote our work, and we can promote others… but when asked the dreaded ‘So… what do you do?’ we FREEZE!

I’m currently exploring the mindset shifts we can make to get past those niggling voices that say ‘No one cares’ or ‘Who are YOU to do XYZ!?’


The Creative Introvert Podcast

in January 2017 I launched into the wild world of podcasting, and with the Creative Introvert Podcast, my aim is:

• To help fellow creative introverts find their inner superpowers
• To teach the skills and methods I’ve found useful to getting your creative work out
• To let other creative introverts know they are NOT alone! … unless they want to be 😉

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