Casas Ink: 2014 Spring/Summer Look Book

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What do owls, a spider, snake, and a squid all have in common? They are some of the elements in the new surreal and tattoo inspired designs released by Casas Ink for their Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. The line-up includes three Limited Edition unisex graphic t-shirts, as well as a men’s tank and a women’s racerback tank. The Spring/Summer Collection of wearable art is now available at the Casas Ink online store. Casas Ink’s designs are the kind that will be in style forever because of their artistic quality and overall uniqueness. Each piece of art, which is designed by artist and owner, Aaron Casas, tells a story within its graphics. The new Limited Edition shirts, named Birdhouse, She Wolf, and The Skowl, are rich in creativity and depth.




Birdhouse shows that safety and shelter are provided by an awkward and unusual creature. By looking past the strange exterior, the owls find a safe haven within the bizarre being. They are able to coexist because of the compassion they show toward one another.





Good is triumphant in the battle between good and evil in The Skowl design. The owl is victorious, while the snake surrenders to its much wiser challenger. The skull within the owl symbolizes that death is near for all things evil.







The new tanks feature the “C” Monster, the Casas Ink mascot. The mascot is a surreal representation of each word of the brand, Casas Ink. A house (casa) and a squid (which produce ink) were combined to create the mascot. The “C” Monster is a creature of the “C” of ink, half squid and half casa.





The full line of Casas Ink Classic and Limited Edition t-shirts and tanks can be viewed and ordered through their online store, The graphic t-shirts and tanks are more than just another shirt; they are wearable art with a different story behind each piece.